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Goblins chase school pupils from school premises

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A Gokwe family is in a dilemma following strange incidents where their 11-year-old son gets bitten by unseen creatures when he attends lessons, resulting in him dropping out of school.

It is reported that the Grade Four pupil from Manderura Village in Gokwe South once dropped out of school two years ago after having serious eye problems.

He then resumed school in 2018 but during the middle of first term, he started having attacks where he screamed saying there were children biting him. Surprisingly, these children were only seen by him and his family was forced to stop him from attending lessons as he only got attacked at school.

The boy’s parent, Norbert Jaramba confirmed the reports saying: “My son stopped going to school last term because he was having serious problems as he got bitten by unseen children.

“I think there is a bad spirit following him and it seems it is against him getting educated because this is not the first time he has dropped out of school.

“At one point he stayed home for two years after having eye problems and we were warned by traditional healers that if he continued going to school he was going to turn blind.”

“We finally solved his eye problem and now it is a different issue.”

The worried parent revealed that they had been to different traditionalists and prophets, but they all had failed to save his son.

“This time around we just stopped him from going to school and we do not know what to do as we have failed to get help despite going to different prophets and traditional healers.

“We are considering taking him back to a certain traditional healer who is the one who cured his eyes and told us that the ancestors wanted him to be a healer and nothing else.

“My son is very intelligent, but at the same time I cannot bear seeing him suffer this way,” said Jaramba.

The village head Trymore Manderura said he was aware of Jaramba’s problem and as leaders they were trying to help him.

“I am aware of Jaramba’s problem and we are hunting for a traditionalist who can save the boy and this is not a simple matter,” said Manderura.

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