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Bulawayo woman arrested for having lesbian affair with her tenant’s daughter

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The youthful landlady Evelyne Nhira’s eight-month romantic relationship with the girl was discovered by the latter’s mother. This was after she had stumbled upon a string of steamy love messages in Nhira’s phone which the two exchanged.

Circumstances to the busted same sex relationship as reported to the police are that sometime in April last year at around 4PM the girl went to Nhira’s bedroom looking for matches. When she entered, Nhira started complementing her saying she was beautiful before stating that she had something she wanted to tell her but could only do so in writing.

The girl reportedly gave her phone to type her “secret” in which Nhira, a mother of one, brazenly revealed that she loves her “so much”.

The girl reportedly accepted the proposal. It was proven by the court that on 11 May while in the house, Nhira took a ring belonging to the girl’s mother and put it on the victim’s finger while declaring that they had now engaged and she was now her everlasting lover.

The following day it is reported that while the two were sitting in the house, Nhira kissed the girl on her lips. When the girl asked Nhira what she was doing, she reportedly apologised saying it was a mistake.

On the same day when the complainant visited Nhira’s friend only identified as Tendai who stays in the same suburb, Nhira followed her. While at Tendai’s place, the teenager in a bid to apparently provoke Nhira repeatedly kissed Tendai.

In a fit of jealousy, Nhira slapped her once on the face and she sustained some bruises. It is further reported that sometime in December Nhira, in a bid to cement her lesbian relationship, bought the girl a present — a cream doll, emblazoned with the words, “I love you”.

In the same month, when the seemingly love struck girl went to Masvingo for holidays she was always phoning Nhira at the same time sending her love messages saying she was missing her “big time”.

The matter however, came to light when the girl’s mother borrowed Nhira’s phone. She was reportedly shocked when she discovered that the two, Nhira and her daughter, were “madly’” in love.

When she confronted Nhira she also confessed that they were indeed dating. The stunned mother reported the matter to the police, leading to Nhira’s arrest.

For the offence Nhira appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Manase Musiiwa charged with a crime of performing an indecent act with a young person as defined in section 70 (1) (b)  of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23.

She pleaded guilty and was convicted and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment of which six months were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour. The remaining 12 months were further suspended on condition that she completes 420 hours of unpaid service at Donnington Police Station.

In passing the sentence, the magistrate said the act committed by Nhira was not permitted by the laws of the land.

“The court however, found it aggravatory that the offence committed by the accused bordered along illegality and not only because it was perpetrated on a young person but because it was done within the confines not permitted by the law of the land for that accused and the complainant are of the same sex”, said Musiiwa.


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